O U R    S T O R Y

Founded in 2013, we are a privately held Romanian owned company, capitalizing on many years of cooperation with one of the leading seafood groups in the world, Royal Greenland.

We discovered the culture of Greenland, the Greenlandic fishing tradition and Inuits’ respect for the nature and its quality seafood & fish products back in 2003, when we also started the excellent professional journey with Royal Greenland group.

This great experience inspired us to share the best practices and know-how we acquired and further promote advantages of the clear cold waters products of Greenland in Eastern Europe.

We are committed to build up a competitive profile as distributor of wild and farmed fish and other fine seafood products. We aim to continuously ensure HoReCa, wholesale and retail Customer satisfaction and confidence as partner purveyor of frozen fish and seafood sourced from North Atlantic to the Indian Ocean region.

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